Water Bottle Drawing Easy Steps

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a water bottle in few simple steps. Give below are some drawing illustration Which you can follow to create a simple and easy water bottle.

Water bottle Is a container which holds the water or some liquid which can be consumed later on. The water bottle can be of different sizes and nowadays they comes in very different Colours and Shapes.

Steps to Draw a Water Bottle

Bottle can be drawn in few simple steps and can be easily drawn by anyone. Just follow the given steps below to create a bottle. The bottle has only two main parts the upper cap and the lower container which contains the water.

Step 1 – Draw a Rectangular Shape (Outline)


Draw a vertical rectangle shape and divide it into two parts. The upper smaller part will be your bottle cap and the lower part will be the bottle.

Step 2 – Drawing the Oval Shape for the Top and Bottom Part


Now add three oval shapes as shown in the above image and adjust the position of all three ovals shapes as shown in the above illustration.

Step 3 – Drawing Cylinder Shape


Now join the two bottom ovals to form a perfect cylinder.

Step 4 – Drawing the Cap of Water Bottle


Now take the help of the above image and draw exactly the same line as shown in the above illustration. Join the two top ovals to form the cap.

Step 5 – Erase the Extra Lines


As the cap drawing is completed erase the extra lines from the drawing. The blue lines marked in the above step shows the parts which is to be erased from the drawing.

Step 6 – Drawing Hanging Strip of the Water Bottle


You can choose one of the side to draw the strip for the water bottle. It a very important part of the bottle as it can be use for carrying or can be use for hanging bottle.

Step 7 – Colouring the Water Bottle


You can choose any colour which you like to colour your beautiful drawing. But make sure to choose right combination of colour so that your bottle looks good.

I have added some dark green colour with some red colour in between where the cap is closed. At last add some shadows on the bottle to give it a realistic look.


The best way to start drawing is by making a outline for your drawing first so that it can be easier for you to proceed further. You can use the above technique to make any kind of water bottle easily. First divide your drawing into two parts and then proceed.

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