How to Draw Takoyaki – Japanese Food Drawing

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw takoyaki step by step. Give below are some simple step by step illustration which will help you to make takoyaki drawing.

Takoyaki drawing step by step

Takoyaki is a very famous snake in the Japan which is in ball like shape and filled with various fillings.

The takoyaki anime food drawing can be drawn in different steps which includes: Container drawing, takoyaki balls drawings and the takoyaki fillings drawing.

How to Draw the Container

Before we start draw anime food, we have to learn about how we can draw a simple and nice looking contains so that we can put the food items in it.

Step 1 – Drawing the Outline of Container

Container drawing

First start with the rectangular shape as drawn in the above illustration. Place the other rectangle below the top one and the connect the edges of the both figures.

Step 2 – Clean the Extra Lines

Now the container is complete, so what you can do is erase some of the extra lines from your drawing so that in look realistic.

Step 3 – Coloring the Container

Takoyaki container drawing

Color is a very important part of your drawing as it gives a appealing look to you drawing.

You can choose different colors for the inner and the outer section as you can see from the above image. The inner section is little Dark in color as compared to the outer surface.

How to Draw Takoyaki Balls

Once’s you know how to draw the contains, it’s time to draw the balls. You can draw the balls separately if you wish to.

Step 1 – Drawing the Outline

Takoyaki balls outline

First draw a circle shape as we know the takoyaki is a snake which is in ball shape.

Step 2 – Drawing the Sauce on the Ball

Now on the upper side of the ball draw some Sauce using some wavy lines as shown the above image. Also draw some small capsule shape structure to shows sprinklers.

Step 3 – Adding Color to the Takoyaki Balls

Takoyaki balls drawing

It’s time to add some color to your drawing. First starts with some base color as shown in the above image.

For the base we will use some brown shades as the ball is cooked so it will look great. For the sauce we will use some red color. At last for the sprinklers we will use some different Color’s.

Step 4 – Ball Drawing Shading

Takoyaki balls

Once the color is done you can add some shadings to it. Take the reference of the above image to draw shading to the ball.

The dark color is used on the edges and the bright color is used in the inner surface. Also make some white spot to the one side to give some reflections.

How to Draw Takoyaki Balls in the Container

Now you know how to draw the container and the balls so it’s time to combine both the knowledge and draw the balls in the container.

Step 1 – Start From the First Ball

Takoyaki balls placements

Start with the first ball and place the ball one by one as show in the above illustration.

Step 2 – Erase the Extra Line

Now erase some extra lines from the drawing to show the proper placement of the balls in the container.

Step 3 – Add Colors to the Balls

Takoyaki balls in the container

You can follow the above given step where I have already told you about how you can color takoyaki balls.

Step 4 – Adding Some Details

Takoyaki drawing

Last thing is to add some details on the drawing to complete the anime food drawing.

Add some white curve lines on the top of the balls to show some white cream or sauce. You can also draw some chopsticks on the container or box to give some realistic look.