How to Draw a Moustache in Simple Steps

In this drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a moustache in few simple steps. This tutorial is also useful for kids to create a simple beautiful moustache.

Steps to Draw a Moustache and Soul Patch

You can follow some simple steps given below to create a digital drawing or a normal drawing. This tutorial is also useful for anime moustache face drawing.

Step 1 – Draw a Rough Base


Use simple ruler draw a rectangular shape and then divide it into two parts. Now draw two horizontal lines as shown in the above image. This structure will help you to form your drawing easily.

Step 2 – Drawing One Side of Moustache


First starting from the left box and try to form a shape which looks exactly the same and try to keep your curves on the line as shown in the above image.

Step 3 – Replicating the Drawing on the Other Side


Now your one side of the drawing is completed. so repeat the same on the other side. The drawing should be mirrored on the other side so that the structure becomes completed.

Step 4 – Filling the Colour


Now add some base colour of your choice in your drawing. I preferred to add some brown colour so that it looks great.

Step 5 – Drawing the Soul Patch or Mouche


Now draw some simple hairs below the lips area which are also know as mouche.

To draw it make a triangle shape which is upside down and the fill the same colours as the moustache.

At the end add some lines to make hairs and to give it a realistic look.

Moustache PNG Image


Here is a PNG image of a moustache with transparent background which can be use for placing on other image.

Hitler Moustache PNG Image

Here is a simple and real looking Hitler moustache PNG image with transparent background.

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