How to Draw Bluey Heeler

In this article I will teach you how to draw Bluey Heeler characters. A blue heeler is a type of Australian cattle dog that is known for its blue-colored coat. The blue heeler was an animated TV series made for preschool children.

Step to Draw Bluey Cute Dog

In the article below, I have given all the steps to draw this cute dog. Below are some easy steps which you can follow to make this drawing.

Step 1: First draw a rectangular shape that represents the character’s body. Now make its eyes and nose.

How to draw bluey step 2

Step 2: Now on the second step, draw a small half circle to make patches on the body of the dog.

How to draw bluey step 3

Step 3: Now make a proper small upside down triangle on the nose and also draw its eyebrows.

How to draw bluey step 4

Step 4: Now in the last step, draw its ears, hand and make a small cute tail for it.

Bluey heeler colouring page

Step 5: Now you can fill colour in your drawing and do not forget to use blue colour because this is its identity.How to draw bluey heeler

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