How to Draw Anime Speech Bubbles and Their Meaning

In this drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw different anime and manga speech bubbles.

The comic speech bubble are widely use in the manga comics and they are used as a text holders. As you know that the comics doesn’t has any sound so the bubbles are use accordingly to express the situation and the speech of the character.

Different Anime and Manga Speech Bubbles

Depends on the speech and expression the difference shapes of speech bubbles are used in the manga comics or animation.

1) Basic Speech Bubble


Basic bubble are used for the show dialogue delivery and to show conversations between the manga characters. The speech bubble consists of basic two parts: Bubble and The Tail.

  1. Bubble – The bubble shows the text or the dialogue sad by the manga character. It’s holds all the text and the expressions.
  2. Tail – The tail show the speech direction that from where the dialogue is coming. The tail pointer is always kept towards the character which is delivering the text.

2) Multi Speech Bubble


As the name suggest the speech bubble has more than one bubble which is combined with each other to deliver more dialogue. This kind of bubble use used in that situations where the manga character has a long dialogues.

3) Vertical Speech Bubble


The vertical big speech bubble are also used as a normal speech bubble but it’s has a larger area for the text as it is vertically used.

Suppose if the manga comic or animation has less horizontal space to show the dialogue, so then you can add vertical bubble to give more space.

4) Jagged Edges Bubble


This bubble has spiky and jagged edges all around. It’s shows something which is loud and use to show screaming or shouting effect.

As you can see in the above image the bubble doesn’t have any tail but in some cases the bubble can has long or short tail.

5) Wavy Speech Bubble


Wavy bubble is use in that case when the manga character is little weak or we can say little fading speech.

The tail of the wavy bubble is also little wavy and indicates it’s meaning.

6) Dashed Line Bubble


When the character is whispering or talking in low voice then this dashed line speech bubble is used.

This dashed line bubble can also be used when the character wants to tell any secrets.

7) Cloud Like Bubble


The cloud like bubble has a text area which is in the form of cloud and a tail which is of circle pointing towards the character.

The cloud like bubble is used when the anime character is dreaming something. To show their dreaming thoughts the cloud speech bubble is used.

8) Effect/Sound Speech Bubble


This kind of bubble is used to show sound effects and announcements.

9) Inwards Pointing Tail Bubble


As shown in the above speech bubble image the point is inward and not pointing towards any character this is because this kind of bubble is used to show the manga character which is not in the main frame.

When the character is off panel or talking form the behind in that case this kind of speech bubble is used.

10) No Tail Speech Bubble


As the name suggest the bubble doesn’t have any tail to it. This no tail speech
Bubble is use to show the character thinking state.

11) Rectangular Bubble


The rectangular speech bubble is use to describe the situation which is going on in the comic or scene. It’s also use as a narration. The rectangular bubble is in rectangle shape with no tail.

12) Robot Speech Bubble


This kind of bubble is mostly used in the animation or comic where it helps to show the robotic voice or it is used when the narration is coming from the machines like robot, TV or radio.

13) Inverted Bubble/Evil Bubble


It is use to show evil thoughts. The bubble is shown in the black colour or inverted as sad. This kind of bubble can also be used to show negative thought process or negative emotions.


As the manga is silent so the speech bubbles help the reader to relate with the on going scenes and get the proper feel of the comic or manga. The bubbles can also be combined with each other to form new one and it also combines the narration and the feel.

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