How to Draw Anime & Manga Male Head and Face Tutorial

In this anime drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw male manga head and facial features. Head drawing is one of the important part of drawing anime character. With the head and the face the character personality and the features change.

Step to Draw Male Manga Head

Given below are some simple steps illustration which can be follows to draw male anime face and head.

Step 1 – Draw the Rough Head Shape


First start with some basic shapes and drawing a rough outline of the head shape.

Try to make a rough outline sketch using light shade. So that it is easy to erase lines and clean up the sketch.

Step 2 – Drawing Male Anime Head Shape (Outline)


Now trace the rough lines and draw the head shape of anime and also draw the male head side view.

Draw the guiding lines for the eyes, nose and the mouth. It can be very useful for the placement of the facial features.

Step 3 – Drawing the Male Ears


Take the help of guiding lines which was drawn earlier and place the ears on the right position.

Draw the ears on the middle line and for the side view, draw the ear on the middle of the head as shown in the above image.

Step 4 – Drawing the Male Eyes


Using same strategy done in the step 3 you can place the eyes on the guiding lines.

The Male manga character has a little short and sharp eyes. You can learn how to draw anime eyes, visit the given below link to know more.

Step 5 – Drawing the Male Anime Mouth & Nose


Now it’s time to add more facial feature on the anime head drawing.

For the front view head it’s easy to draw nose and mouth. The nose can be represented just by drawing a small line or the dot shape.

Lips are draw using a single line and then adding some shapes for the upper and lower lips.

For the side view head drawing the nose and the mouth should has a perfect shape to give it a proper looking face.

Use the guiding lines drawn in the first step to draw the nose and the mouth. Take the reference of the above image to draw the fractures.

Step 6 – Drawing the Male Anime Hair


Now draw the hair style for anime in which ever way you like or you can take the help of above illustration to draw hairs.

Try to cover the side ear by drawing hairs. The upper lining of the hair should be little more so that it covers the head properly.

Also try to make like hair on the front head side to give some good look. The hairs can be divided into three parts: Front, side and the top hair.

Step 7 – Erase the Extra Lines


Now erase the extra lines which you feel is not necessary. You can erase the head lining which is alternately going to be hidden behind the hairs.

Step 8 – Colouring the Anime Head


Start with hairs and add some light and soft colours as done in the above image.

After that add some skin colour in the anime face. Don’t forget to add some white colour shadows on the hair and the neck area to give a realistic view.

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