How to Draw Anime Lips Step by Step Guide

In this tutorial you will learn step by step guide how to draw lips. Drawing an anime or manga lips are simple but just remember the anime lips has different shape and size depending on the artist’s requirement.

Steps for How to Draw Anime Lips 

Let’s first learn about how to draw a simple lip and its structure. As you can see in the above image, I have shown you that how you can easily form a shape of lips in four simple steps.


  1. First draw a vertical line to indicate the middle part of the lips. Then add a horizontal line to make a middle part of lips and add two more short line on the upper and the bottom part. which will make the Cupid’s bow.
  2. Now join the lines and make a “M” shape on the upper part. Also make a curve line on the bottom part.
  3. Now smooth the lines to give a proper shape to your drawing.
  4. Now add some base colour first and then add some shadows with dark colour to the boundaries of your drawing. At last, add few white dots on the upper part to give your drawing a realistic look.

Different Styles of Anime lips Drawing

Given below are some different style of anime lips. Follow the steps to draw the simple lip structure.

Drawing Anime Style LipsAnime-Style-Lips-outline-drawing

In the above reference image, I have shown you some of simple lips structure which you can use as a reference to form your own lips for your drawing.Drawing-Anime-Style-Lips

Now as you have formed a lips structure it’s time to add colours. Start with simple skin colour and add it in the shape of lips.

Don’t forget to add white patches on the upper part to give your art a realistic look.

Drawing Anime Style Lips in 3/4 ViewAnime-Lips-outline-in-3-4-View

Use the above drawing as a reference you can convert your drawing into different angle. Now using previous knowledge, we will convert the lips into 3/4 view.

The Basic structure of the lips will remain the same just the angle of the lips will be changed to one side of the drawing depending on your requirements.Anime-Style-Lips-in-3-4-View

Now add colours in the same way in which I have mentioned above.

Drawing Anime Lips from the Side

Now it come to the side view drawing of lips. As you can see how easily I have converted the normal front look lips into side view lips by just cutting the drawing into half.


  1. First make a “M” shape it the middle as shown in the above image.
  2. Cut the drawing into half and erase the other part.

One more important point to be noted here is that the upper part is more out than the putter part.

Add the colours in the same manner as mentioned above. Starting with the light base colour.

Realistic Lips Drawing ReferenceRealistic-lips

As you can see in the above image the middle part of the lips has lighter colour and the top lining and the bottom lining has slightly dark colour.

Last but not the least don’t forget to add some white patches on the lips to give it a realistic look. Always remember to put the white patches to the opposite direction of light.


It’s harder to explain every shape and style but you got the basic idea how you can form your own lips for anime or manga depending on your drawing needs.

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