How to Draw Anime Feet – Feet Drawing Guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw anime feet step by step. The article will provide you simple steps and illustrations which will help you to draw feet.

Feet are very important part of a anime character. It will show the viewers how the character is placed on the canvas and it also enhances the drawing. Tutorial also contains anime feet drawing base which can be used for drawing anime feet easily.

Things to Remember Before Drawing Feet

  • The angle in which the anime is standing.
  • The toes and the ankles are also very important and they have a particular shape which has to be followed.
  • Thickness of the legs and the toes.
  • The view in which the person is looking at the feet.
  • Is anime standing straight or has lifted his leg at should also be considered.
  • The finger placement can also change the situation.
  • Always start with the general shape and then form the drawing.

Anime Feet Drawing From Different Angles

Given below are the steps and guide for drawing feet from different prospective.

Anime Feet Front View Drawing


Start with some basic shapes and then slowly try to from the front toes. You can also change some angles if you want and can draw more straight view.


Remember to look at the size of the toe which is decreasing as you go towards the little toe.

Anime Feet Back View Drawing


Take the reference of the above feet drawing and start with some rough sketching. Draw a simple lines and join it from the bottom and make it little rounded shape.


The back side of the feet look little bottle shaped and the important part is to draw the side part which shows some front feet from the back.

Anime Feet Top View Drawing


Follow the simple steps which are given in the above illustration to get the perfect top view feet drawing.

Start with basic drawing and form a rectangular shape. Then try to add some toe shape on the top part. Now draw the individual toes and don’t forget to draw the nails which will give the prospective of top view.

Anime Feet Bottom View Drawing


This is the very interesting part to draw. First look at the parts as you can see the upper and the lower area is little rounded shaped.

The middle part of feet is little narrow in shape. Take the reference of the above image and draw the bottom part of the feet.

Anime Feet Inner Side View Drawing


Points to remember while drawing the inner side of feet is that –

  • The middle part is little lifted.
  • The last part is rounded in shape.
  • The front toe is little bigger in shape and has its own shape.
  • The other toes should also be visible but in smaller size.


Anime Feet Outer Side View Drawing


The drawing method remains the same as above but the placement of the toes changes.


Anime Feet Drawing Reference


Here are some reference image for drawing anime and manga feet. The above image will help to understand the structure of feet easily.


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