How to Draw Anime Facial Expressions

In this illustration tutorial you will learn how to draw anime expressions in few simple steps.

Drawing face expression is very much important to give a life to your drawing because with expressions you drawing will be more expressive. Above chart shows the different anime face expressions.

Different Anime Facial Expression Drawing

1) Normal Anime Face DrawingNormal-Anime-Face-Drawing

As the name suggest the expression is very much normal. It can be drawn with simply drawing normal eyes with nose and a mouth on the face.

2) Very Angry Anime Face Drawing


To make an anime face look angry there are some key points which are very important to make this kind of anime expressions.

  1. First start with drawing a normal face structure.
  2. The eyebrows are little lifted upwards and eyes are also popping out little to make the face look angry.
  3. Mouth is little open with teeth which are visible.
  4. Don’t forget to add cross popping veins on the head which are topically use in anime and manga drawing to show angry expressions.

3) Happy Anime Face Drawing


In this kind of face expression, the eyes are closed and can be drawn by just a simple line with upward eyebrows. The mouth is little wide open and you can also add some blush on the cheek area by drawing 4-5 parallel lines as shown in the above image.

4) Shy Anime Face Drawing


The shy anime face can be drawn easily by just replicating the normal expressions face drawing and adding some red blush under eye area.

5) Angry Anime Face Drawing


Drawing angry face expression depends on the eyebrows position and mouth structure. You can see in the above image the mouth is closed and the eyebrows are facing downward from the middle.

6) Scared Anime Face Drawing


Starting drawing with eyes and make two small circle at the centre line and then draw eyebrows in little upward direction as shown in the above illustration. The middle part of the eyebrows is little thicker than the other side.

The last part is the mouth and as you can see the mouth is widely open with upper teeth are visible. In the bottom side you can also show little tongue by just drawing a simple line.

7) Shocked or Surprised Anime Face


The shocked face is similar to the previous one with some minor changes. The first things are to be change is the eyes which are little thicker and the mouth is little round in shape.

8) Cry Anime Face Drawing


Cry anime face expression has a little pressed eyes with curved eyebrows on the face. The mouth of the anime is also in the oval shape and the most important part is the water drop below the eye which signifies the crying face.

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