How To Draw Anime Evil Eyes with Face

In this eye drawing tutorial will will learn how to draw manga anime evil eyes with face. The eyes can change the face expressions very easily. It’s the import feature of any drawing or manga face.

If we talk about the eyes they can be in very different forms like: chibi eye, normal eyes and evil eyes.

Steps To Draw Female Anime Evil Eyes

The structure of anime female eye are little short or you can say they are very Sharp with pointed edges. The eyes are very dark or red in colour with thick eyelashes.

Step 1 – Drawing the Upper Part of Eye


Start with drawing the upper part of the eye. Make a thick lining for the part. The edges should be sharp from both sides.

Also add a small line on the bottom part where the eyeball will be placed.

Step 2 – Drawing the Shape of the Cornea


Now draw a circle in between the upper and the lower part. Don’t put the full circle to make cornea.

In anime eye drawing the cornea is made with half circle which is cut from the top and bottom part.

Step 3 – Draw the Pupil for the Eye


To draw the pupil in the eye you can simply draw a circle in the middle part.

Step 4 – Drawing Top Eyelid & Eyelashes


You can draw the top eyelids with the thick colour. Add some sharp edge again at the one end. Also draw a small eyebrow as draw in the above image.

Step 5 – Indicate Dark Area for the Cornea


Now enhance the cornea with darkening the edges as done in the above image. The darkness in the cornea will give a evil look to your eye drawing.

Step 6 – Reflections & Shading Eye


The reflections are very important part of eye drawing as it gives a realistic look to your drawing.

Draw a simple white colour dot to give a refection look. The above image shows how to draw reflections on anime eyes.

Step 7 – Colouring Evil Anime Eye


Add some colour of your choice, the above image shows a purple colour anime eye. Only add colour in the inner part as shown in the above drawing image.

Drawing Both the Evil Eyes on Anime Head


Now as your one side of the eye is completed repeat the same process to draw the other side of the eye.

You can take the help of our head drawing guide to know more about anime head drawing and to get the idea how to place eyes on the face.

Remember to place the reflections on the side side of the drawing.

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