How to Draw Simple Anime Ears

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw anime and manga ears step by step. The illustration shows how to draw simple ear drawing from side, front and back view.

Ears are the important feature of any anime face drawing. The anime ears are some how similar to human ear drawing and they are very simple to draw.

This drawing guide will give you full knowledge on how you can draw ears in different ways and some ears drawing references which will help you to understand the structure better.

Ear Side View Drawing


First draw the outer boundary for the ear and then close the upper area. Some time the side ears are just drawn simple by drawing a half oval shape on both the sides.

You can take the reference of the above image to draw the side view ear.

Ear Front View Drawing


The most important is your front view which will be used maximum number of time in you anime face drawing.

To draw simply, make a perfect outline of the ear and then just add some curve lines in the middle showing the ear canal.

The above image shows the drawing of human ear which can be very helpful for drawing anime or cartoon ear.

Ear Back View Drawing


The back view ear don’t have much to draw. First create a “C” shape and then double the line and then create the helix and the scapha part.

Placement of Anime Ears on the Head


The above image shows the correct placement of the ear on the anime head. With the reference of the above illustration you will get the idea where to place the ear.

You can initially divide the drawing into two equal parts so that it forms a semantically figure and then using guide lines you can easily place the different features like eyes, nose, mouth and ear.

Different Ways to Draw Anime Ears


Here are some of the reference ear drawing which can be very helpful for the ear formation. The above image contains the elf style anime ear also.

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