How to Draw Anime Cat Girl Ear – Anime Cat Girl

In this drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw anime cat girl with cat ear. Given below are some simple step by step drawing guide to anime cat girl drawing.

Step to Draw Draw Anime Cat Girl Ear

Using this method given below you can create cute and beautiful anime style characters with long ears.

Step 1 – Draw the Anime Head and Facial Features


First starts with the rough sketch and draw very light lines. Draw a oval shape for the head and then add anime girl facial features on the face. It includes eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Step 2 – Draw the Anime Girl Hair


In the second step I will prefers to draw the anime girl hairs so that I can easily draw the cat ears on top of it. You can take the reference of the above image to draw the anime hairs.

Step 3 – Draw the Cat Ears


Now its comes the main step in which you will draw the cat ear. Depend on the anime head try to adjust the ear above the hair which was earlier drawn.

The cat ears are little cone shaped and the upper part is little pointed. Draw the another layer to show some fur in the middle part of the ear.

Step 4 – Anime Cat Girl Outline Drawing


Draw the complete ears and the hair on the anime head. Try to erase the extra lines from the head and remember to place the some part of the ears inside or the back side of the hairs.

The ears should look nature on the head and it should seems like that, it’s coming out of the head.

Step 5 – Colouring And Shading


It’s time to add some colour and shading to anime cat girl drawing. Use some nice colours and colour your anime drawing. Try to put some shadows on the neck area and hairs and some highlights. At the end also add some shades in the inner part of the ears.

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