How to Draw Angel Wings and Wings Drawing Reference

In this tutorial you will get the step-by-step Guide how to draw a realistic angle wing. Given below are some simple steps which you can follow to draw a perfect wing.

Steps to Draw Angle Wings

The best thing about wings drawing is that it’s very simple to draw because it doesn’t need any detailing. You just need to give a proper outline and in between you can easily add the feathers by drawing curved lines.

Step 1 – Draw the Outline of a Wingshow-to-draw-angel-wings-outline

First draw One side of a wing with the rough hand as shown in the above image. The bottom part of the wings should have a more edge like structure Which indicate as a feather.

Step 2 – Draw the Inner Part of the Wingshow-to-draw-angel-wings-and-feathers

Now your outline has been completed So you can start adding the curve line like a long “V” shape to give a feathers like Structure.

You can see the example of feathers drawing in the above image. As you can see in the image, I have drawn a long V like structure and continue doing it until you get a line of fathers in a wing.

Step 3 – Drawing the Both Side of the WingsHow-to-draw-angel-close-wings

As you have completed drawing the one side of the wings. Now just Mirror the image and you will get the other side of the wing.

Angel Open Wings DrawingHow-to-draw-angel-open-wings

Above image is a reference image of open wings. With this reference image you can draw a open style wings for a anime or a person.

Easy Angel Wings Drawing With Personangle-drawing-with-wingsangel-single-wing-drawing


Drawing wings can be little different but if you have a reference image of a wings you can easily add a realistic or a fairy style wings in the background of your characters. You just need to focus on the one side and can easily rotate or mirror the image for the other side to get a perfect drawing of wings.

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