How to Draw an Anime Girl’s Head and Face

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a anime or manga girl’s head and face from the front and side views with simple steps.

Before starting your anime drawing create a rough outline in your mind and on your canvas that which style and features you want to add in the drawing.

Steps to Draw Anime Girl’s Head and Face

The basic female anime characters has a round face with small nose, mouth and chin. The character also has big eyes And the mouth or lips can be draw with just a line with pink shades.

Step 1 – Anime Girl Head Shape Drawing


Start drawing the anime head with the rough outline of the head. First draw a circle in the middle of your drawing Which will form the head. In that mark a vertical line in the middle of the circle to give a equal partitions.

For the side view head draw a horizontal and a vertical line, It will help in positioning of the ear.

For the front view head divide the whole section in the four parts as shown in the above image. The horizontal lines will help you to place the eyes, nose, mouth and the chin of the anime.

This marking will help you to put the facial parts easily and at the right position.

Step 2 – Anime Girl Ears Drawing


For drawing the ears take the help of the horizontal line which was drawn at the earlier step.

For the front view ears should starts from the first reference line to the third reference line.

For the side view head the ears should be drawn at the bottom of the circle as shown in the step 2 illustration.

Step 3 – Anime Girl Eyes Drawing


Taking the reference of the reference line draw a rough oval shape for the eyes. Try to Aline the eyes with the ears and the. Draw the eyes for the anime face. Also add some eyebrows on the top of the eyes.

For the side view head take the reference of the middle line and Aline the eye accordingly and add eyebrow.

Step 4 – Anime Girl Nose Drawing


Nose drawing on the anime face is very simple. If you want to draw a nose on the front view head just add a small cone or “L” shape structure on the second reference line as shown in the above Illustration.

For the side view head take the reference of the front shape which was drawn earlier in the step 1. Start drawing a curve line to form a nose for anime girl.

Step 5 – Anime Girl Mouth Drawing


It’s time to draw month or lips for the anime or manga. As I have already mentioned previously the lip draw is very simple.

Just draw a straight line and add some pink shadows for the upper and lower lips. To learn more about anime lips drawing you can search more articles on our website.

Step 6 – Anime Girl Hair Drawing


Now comes the most important part that is you’re anime hair drawing. Take the reference of the above image to draw a anime short hairs.

Start draw from the outer side and along the side draw the upper hairs. For the side hairs try to add more volume to the hairs.

Now draw the front hairs and to do that try to make the hairs to the one side of your drawing. Also add some layers to your hair so that it looks realistic.

Step 7 –

Anime Girl Hairs Colouring and Shading


First try to erase the rough lines and make your drawing clear. Fix the line and try to make as smooth lines possible.

Colour the eyebrows with dark colour and add some nice skin colour to you’re anime girl drawing. For the lips add some pink shadows on the upper and lower lips.
At the last add some shadows on the hair part to give a realistic look.

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