How to Draw a Shirt Step by Step Guide

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a shirt or a T-shirt for male or female in few simple steps.

Steps to Draw Shirt And T- Shirt 

Before drawing a shirt for any character or anime you should now the basic line art for drawing a shirt. Given below are some simple steps to draw T-shirt.

Step 1 – Drawing Rough Hand Outline for T-ShirtHow-to-Draw-a-Shirt-first-Step

First draw a horizontal rectangle to draw a upper part of the shirt and then add another vertical rectangle shape to cover up the body.

Step 2 – Drawing the Front Part of the ShirtHow-to-Draw-a-Shirt-front-part

Now taking the help of the rough lines start drawing the upper part of the shirt. First draw the neck of the T shirt and then start making curve lines to form a side of the shirt. Just keep in Mind to form a symmetry in your drawing.

Step 3 – Drawing the Sleeve of the ShirtHow-to-Draw-a-Shirt-Sleeve

As your front part is done, so now start make a sleeve by drawing a curve line to one side and then joining the line to the side of the shirt.

Step 4 – Adding Shadows and ColouringHow-to-Draw-a-Shirt

You can add any colour which you like in the shirt and make it more attractive. At last, add some shadows to the shirt but just remember to add all the shadows on one side of the shirt.

Shadows are always added to the opposite side of the source of light.

Anime Shirt Drawing ReferenceAnime-Shirt-Drawing-Reference

Here is the reference drawing showing how to draw a male and a female polo shirt. This is very simple to draw shirt and you can take this photo as a reference to draw your own style of shirt of anime.

Collared Shirt Drawing ReferenceCollared-Shirt-Drawing-Reference

The above reference image is of a shirt drawing for male and female with collar. The male shirt has a collar with a long sleeve and a belt.


Draw a shirt or a T- shirt is simple just remember as I have mentioned above that there should be a proper symmetry if you are drawing a T- shirt from the front side and you can add some shadows or fold in this shirt to give your drawing a realistic look.

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