How to Draw a Pumpkin

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a easy pumpkin. Given below are some easily step by step guide to create a beautiful pumpkin for kids.

Steps to Draw a Pumpkin in 6 Easy Steps 

Pumpkin are the round yellow to orange colour fruits. Its been use for making bread, cookies, pie and pancakes. It is also used in very famous festival called Halloween.

Step 1 – Draw a Rough Art


First start with some simple base and try to make a round rough shape with rough hands. It will be helpful for further creating line art.

Step 2 – Start Drawing the Round Shape


Now start drawing the round shape of the fruit. Try to form a perfect shape and take time to do it because its the main part which will give your drawing a better look.

Step 3 – Drawing the Inner Part


As the outer drawing is completed it time to give some proper shape by drawing lines inside the circular part. Start drawing some lines in the inner part as shown in the above image.

Step 4 – Drawing Rounded Lines On the Edges


Now you have drawn the lines inside the pumpkin so start adjusting the lines on the edges of your drawing as shown in the above image. Try to make a curve lines on the edges to give a proper pumpkin shape.

Step 5 – Drawing the Handle on the Top


The Bottom part is completed now start drawing the handle on the top of your drawing. The handle of the pumpkin is little greenish colour and slightly curved. Draw some curve lines and then join it from the top to form a handle.

Step 6 – Adding Colours & Shading


Pumpkin can be of different Colour’s like white, red, yellow, green and blue. So start with some base Colour.

You can choose any colour you like to create your own art. After that add some light shadows on the middle part to give a realistic look.

Pumpkin PNG ImagePumpkin-PNG

The above image is a PNG image of pumpkin with transparent background.


The above illustration will definitely help you to achieve your goals and will give you a better idea to create and beautiful and easy pumpkin. The above illustration can also be use to create a digital art.

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