How to Draw a Lotus Flower in Easy Steps

In this flower drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a beautiful and simple lotus flower. Given below are some simple step by step illustrations which you can follow to draw lotus for kids.

Lotus is a beautiful pink colour flower. The lotus flower is cup – shaped and the leaf is circular and cup shaped which is slightly curved inside. It also has upward-cupped waxy green leaves. The scientific name of lotus is Nelumbo nucifera, also known as Indian lotus.

Steps to Draw Easy Lotus Drawing with Colour

Follow the given below steps to draw a beautiful lotus drawing. 

Step 1 – Start Drawing With a Canter Petal


Make a circle in the centre of your canvas. Then put a cone shape on the head of the circle which you have drawn. This will form your first petal of the flower.

Step 2 – Start Drawing Petals on the Sides


Now draw some more petals surrounding the middle Petal that you have earlier drawn. Try to make cup shape petals as shown in the above illustration.

Step 3 – Draw the Bottom Petal


Try to draw some petal in the bottom part also. First draw the middle petal facing downwards as shown in the above image.

Step 4 – Adding More Petals in the Bottom Part


As the middle portion is completed add more petal shapes to the left and the right side of your drawing.

Step 5 – Draw Back Side Petals of Lotus Flower


See the above image and now just start adding more and more petals to make your lotus flower more beautiful.

Step 6 – Finishing the Upper Part


Always remember to add the new petals to the backside of the first petal to give a proper look.

Step 7 – Drawing the Leaf of Lotus Flower


The leaf of lotus flower is little circular shaped. To make a leaf first make a little oval shape on the bottom part of the flower.

Then make a small cone shape cut at one side of the leaf and join the rest of the line.

Step 8 – Colouring the Lotus Flower


The colour of the lotus flower is generally pink. So, start with some pink base colour and add some green colour in the leaf part.

At the end add some shadows as shown in the above image to give your lotus flower a realistic look.

Some Interesting Facts Related to Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is prominent and significant in many mythologies and religions. The Hindu god Vishnu is referred to as “The Lotus-Eyed One“.

The word ‘Padme‘ in the Buddhist mantra, also refers to the lotus. A pink lotus flower is said to be a representation of the Buddha himself in nature.


For easy lotus drawing, just make the structure of the flower right and then simply add the petals.

The main part which you have to remember while drawing a lotus flower is that first start with the middle part and then just add more petals on the backside of the first one.

FAQ – Questions

1. Full form of lotus?

LOTUS full for is Love Others Truthfully Unconditionally Soulfully.

2. What colour is lotus pink?

The hexadecimal colour code for lotus pink is #f4bfc7

3. How do you make a lotus pink?

Mix red and white poster colours.

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