How to Draw a Cowboy Hat With Step-By-Step Guide

In this tutorial you will get the step-by-step Guide how to draw a cowboy hat. Given below are some simple steps which you can follow to draw a perfect cowboy hat.

Steps to Draw a Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hat are very much popular in Mexican countries but now it is worn in every part of the world. The Cattleman is the most popular cowboy hat. The shape of the hat’s crown and brim.

Step 1 – Draw the Upper Crown of the Hat


First with the rough hand draw the crown in the inverted “U” shape. Now add some crease and dent on the upper side of the hat.

Step 2 – Now Draw the Front Part Is the Cowboy Hat


Draw the brim and the front dip by drawing a curve line to form a front part of the hat.

Step 3 – Draw the Roll of the Hat


Now draw the roll of the hat to the right side of the hat as shown in the image above and try to make it little roll so that it looks like it’s been folded.

Step 4 – Add the Hatband and Buckle Set on the Hat


Now try to make a parallel line along the hat to form a band like structure on the hat and at the front side draw a circle or any shape you like and try to make a symbol of cow head.

Step 5 – Adding Colour to the Cowboy Hat


Now at the final step add some dotted line to show the stitching around the hat and add a rope to the hat.

You can add any colour you like but I prefer to add a brown colour because most the cowboy hat looks the same. At the end add some highlights to the hat to give a real 3D look.

How to Draw Pink Cowboy Hat


The steps to draw a pink cowboy hat is the same but just the colour and the buckle can be change in different style to give a different look to the hat.

Here I have added a pink colour bow to the side of the hat to give a different look.


You can easily draw the hat in simple 5 steps and you can also modify the hat size or orientation according to your needs. Just remember to attain the shape of the hat as the cowboy hat a specific shape.

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