How to Draw a Cloak and Drawing References

cloak back side drawing reference image

In this drawing tutorial you will learn about how to draw a cloak in few simple steps and I have also provided some of the basic cloak drawing references also.

Step 1 – Draw a Rough Hand Outline of a Cloak

Rough drawing of cloak

First start drawing with a simple line and give your drawing a proper outline as mention in the above image.

Step 2 – Draw a Hood and Front Part

Image showing drawing of cloak front part

Now make a hood of a cloak by drawing an oval like shape on the top and also make a double layer to show the Inner hollow part.

Step 3 – Drawing a Face in the Hood

line art of cloak drawing

You can draw any face according to the drawing need and you can take reference from the above image to create your own.

Draw an inverted “V” like structure to make an opening of the cloak and add few lines in-between to show the cloth folding.

Step 4 – Adding Colours to Your Art

how to draw a cloak

You can add any colour as you like in your drawing but do remember to add dark colours in the inner part of the hood and also add some dark shadows to the lines and the folds of the cloth.

You can also add dark colours in the inner parts of the cloths as shown in the above image.

Cloak Drawing References Images

cloak front side drawing reference image

The image shows the front part of cloak and how you can draw an anime with a cape.

The above references image shows how to draw a back and front side of a cloak.

Hood Drawing References Images

Image showing cloak hood drawing
Image showing cloak hood drawing reference

Above image shows the references drawing – How to draw a hood in easy way.


With the above reference image, you will be able to draw a cloak or cape easily in you style. I have given you the basic knowledge of drawing hood and the front part and with that you can easily form your drawing.