How to Draw a Chibi Character Step by Step

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a chibi anime character. Given below are some simple steps with images which you can followed to create a beautiful chibi girl.

Chibi anime are small and cute characters with big eyes and small body shape. It’s also a Japanese slang word to describe a short person.

Steps to Draw a Chibi Character

The chibi characters are very much popular in anime and manga animations and movies. They are the same as a regular anime characters but with a small size. They are very cute looking and stylish. They also have very nice and cute facial expressions.

Note before drawing and characters always start with a very light sketch so that afterwards you can easily erase and clean up your drawing.

Step 1 – Creating the Body of the Character


First start creating the outline of the body. As I have mentioned earlier the body should be short in size with big head. So draw a big round head as shown in the above image.

The legs and the hands doesn’t shows the finger instead of that just draw the round hands and the legs.

Step 2 – Draw the Face and the Other Element


The eyes and the mouth positions are same as the female head drawing and you can find that step by step guide on your animelineart website.

Draw the cute chibi eyes and the eyebrows on the head. Draw the simple mouth and a nose as shown in the above image.

Step 3 – Draw the Chibi Anime Hair


As the head is little big in size the hair should also match with the head.

Try to form the hairstyle you want for your anime character. You can also take help of anime hairstyle drawing guide which has around 12 different styles of anime hairstyle on your website.

For drawing the same hairstyle above draw the hairline around the head and some then add some front hair.

Try to draw some long hairs above the ears and afterwards erase the extra lines and cover the ears behind the hairs.

Step 4 – Draw the Clothes


The chibi anime cloths are very simple or you can say they are minified version of anime cloths.

The individual cloths drawing are given in the above image. Use that as a ref to create anime cloths. You can draw simple anime uniform with white shirt with blue skirt.

Step 5 – Draw the Shoe


Now draw simple line on the leg to create a socks and then draw small shoes.

Step 6 – Colouring the Chibi Character


  1. Start colouring the character in steps:
  2. First add some base colour like skin colour on the body.
  3. Add some yellow colour in the hairs.
  4. The uniform is of mostly combined with white shirt and blue skirt.
  5. At last colour the shoe with brown shades.

You can also add some shades on the face and blush on the chicks to give a realistic look.

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