How To Draw a Cute Anime Wolf Girl

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw or anime wolf girl with wolf ears. Given below are some simple steps which you can follow to draw a Manga or Anime wolf girl. Before you start drawing, you should know the basics of female head drawing.

Once the basic head drawing of female head is done you can simply draw the wolf style ears on the head to complete your drawing.

Step 1 – Draw the Female Anime Head


Starts with the upper area by drawing a oval shape to create a Anime head. Then draw a guiding line as shown in the above image which will help you to draw the facial feature.

Step 2 – Drawing Facial Features


Using the guidelines drawn in the above step, draw the eyes, nose and the mouth for the female character. Take the help of the above image to correctly place the facial features like eyes, nose and mouth on the head.

Step 3 – Drawing the Wolf Ears


Now as the head for the character is been created, you can simply draw the wolf style ears on the head.

To draw the wolf ears first make a outline of the ears in the shape of triangle. After that add some fur inside the ear to give a realistic look.

Step 4 – Drawing the Female Anime Hairs


As the head of the character is completed and we have also drawn the wolf ears for the anime. It’s time to draw the hairs.

You can choose any style of hair for the female character, given below is the link to a article which will guide you about the different styles of a Anime hairs.

The above image shows how to draw female anime ears in simple steps. The image shows three different colours to differentiate the front back and the side hairs.

The front hair is drawn with the blue colour which will give you a clear idea where to place the hairs. The different colours will give you a clear idea how to draw the hair properly.

Front: Blue
Side: Red
Back: Green

Step 5 – Colouring the Anime Wolf Drawing


First clean up the lines and erase the extra lines from the drawing. Add some light shadows to your drawing also.

Start from the hairs and add some light colours with some white shadows. The ears can be coloured with light grey colour with dark inside to give a proper look.

The fur inside the ears can be coloured with the white or light colour so that it can be differentiated.

The back of the hairs should be little dark in colour so that it gives a realistic looks to the animal hair drawing.

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