How to Draw Closed & Squinted Anime Eyes

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw closed, squirting and half closed anime eyes from front, side And top view.

Before drawing anime or manga eyes you can go through the normal eye structure of anime and how you can draw different features of anime eyes.

Drawing the different eye structures and the different position of the eyes are very simple. Just follow the simple steps and reference images given below in this tutorial.

Drawing Normal Closed Anime Eyes From Front View


To draw the normal Close anime eyes you just need to place the middle circle part at the same position and only change the Position of the upper and lower eyelids.

For drawing the close eyes you just draw the rough circle at the same position and cover it with the upper and lower eyelids.

Drawing Anime Eyes From 3/4 View



Use the above reference image to draw the animal manga eyes from 3/4 view.

Drawing Anime Eyes From Side View


The above image shows the eyes reference from the side view which can be used to draw faces from the side view with eyes.

Drawing Anime Eyes From Top View


The above illustration shows the top view of the eyes and how you can place the eyes on the face.

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