How to Draw a Cute Frog Easy

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a cute frog. Given below are some simple steps with illustration which you can follow to create a beautiful drawing of a frog.

Steps to Draw a Cute Frog

Frog has more than 6000 species Across the world and the world frog day is celebrated on 20th March every year. They display Vibrant colours and some of the frog has ability to change colour also.

Step 1 – Draw the Head of a Frog

Frog Head Drawing

To draw the head of a frog first make a Oval shape in the centre and then add two circles on the top to create eyes.

Step 2 – Draw the Lower Part

Lower part of frog drawing

Now draw another Oval shape overlapping To the previous one but in a smaller size.

Step 3 – Creating the Cute Eyes for a Frog

How to draw a frog eyes

To draw a eye make two small circle inside the bigger circle as shown in the above image.

Step 4 – Drawing the Legs

How to draw a frog legs

Add 2 Oval shape structure to the bottom part of the frog and make sure that the shape should be little slant and should be at the corner as shown in the above image.

Step 5 – Create the Foot

How to draw a frog foots

Simple way to draw the foot of the fog is by drawing “M” shape and then join it to the body.

Step 6 – Clean Up the Drawing and Removing the Extra Lines

frog coloring pages

As your line art of frog is completed you can erase the extra line from your drawing to give it a clean look. The above image can also be used as a frog coloring page.

You can take print out of the above image and use it for coloring.

Step 7 – Adding Colours

How to Draw a Cute Frog Easy

Add some base colour to the drawing and start with some light green color. Then add some light skin color in the belly area of the frog drawing.

At last add some shadows with dark color and put some highlights with white color in the eyes and on the legs.


The above illustration will give you the easy drawing steps to create a cute frog. With the above technique anyone can draw a frog easily.

The step by step illustration of frog drawing can be easily followed by kids also. For more animals drawing tutorials you can follow our website AnimeLineArt.